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Stringency, function and sustainability guide the development and design of industrially manufactured products. Milan Rohrer is a specialist for designing investment goods in the transport industry. Design examines and considers ergonomic, semantic, economic and ecological aspects. He offers various services from the idea to the finished product. Every step in the design process is individually adapted to specific customer needs and organized specifically.


Each design phase requires its own, individual representation. Milan Rohrer is specialized in creating high-quality renderings. The computer-generated images represent an object, a product idea or a vision in a photorealistic way. The images serve to make the future imaginable. They also give the viewer a specific mood and arouse emotions. Such pictorial representations help explain a created object or serve its targeted marketing.


Technical Design

As a skilled technical designer, Milan Rohrer has the ability to abandon designs in CAD and/or continue to use them as a 3D model. He designes technical solutions, high-quality freeform surfaces as well as complete assemblies. 3D models are used as digital function models to verify a mechanical principle, to produce prototypes or to create production plans.

Rapid Prototyping

Using rapid prototyping, Milan Rohrer produces objects for prototype construction or for additive manufacturing in 3D printing from the digitally produced models. This saves a lot of time in the development process and helps to detect possible complications at an early stage. A distinction is made between functional models that serve to verify mechanical functions or shape models that enable a visual or ergonomic inspection of a product.

rapid prototyping


Visual presentations help to explain a created object or to market it purposefully. Milan Rohrer supports you in creating graphical representations, visualizations, computer-generated animations, photographs or product videos.



Milan Rohrer works self-employed, independently, fast and agile. He also offers his services as a freelancer on site in your company and can be used temporarily as a worker.

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industrial design for startups


Implementing ideas and putting them on the market is challenging. Milan Rohrer has broad experience in supporting design services for startups and crowd-funding campaigns, offering special rates to young, low-budget companies.